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Ray Goren

Ray discovered the blues while doing an unrelated search on Youtube and mistakenly typed “BB” instead of “JJ”. He stumbled on a clip of BB king. He was mesmerized by the music. With the Internet at his disposal, within hours Ray was listening to Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, Luther Allison, John Mayer and others. For the months that followed, Ray spent hours on the Internet listening to blues while begging his parents for a guitar.

Within days of getting his first guitar Ray was actually playing blues. Ray’s father recalled that “it was as if he had reconnected with a long-lost friend....emotional blues was just flowing from his guitar…we were shocked”. Six months later Ray started to sit-in with local Southern California bands.

After playing guitar for only nine months, Ray was invited to sit-in with Hammond B3 Legend Deacon Jones (band leader for Freddie King and John Lee Hooker). Since then, Ray has become a regular part of Deacon’s band. The connection between Ray and 69-year old Deacon Jones highlights the power of blues  -----  defying age and time.  Deacon is convinced that Ray has been here before because “Ray has an unbelievable amount of feel and unique sound and style that takes decades to develop….no kid can play the blues like that so his music must be coming from someplace else”  Ray said that he practices every day because he wants to get “better and better… make records and help kids appreciate the blues.”  



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