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Clarinetist, Evan Christopher is a refreshingly bright light on the international jazz scene. He combines virtuosity, immaculate taste, and enthusiasm with a deep commitment to exploring the full range of musical possibilities that come from celebrating the traditions of New Orleans Jazz. His highly individual sound is anchored in the expressive language created by early Creole clarinetists such as Sidney Bechet, Omer Simeon, and Barney Bigard.Evan Christopher

Mr. Christopher began his musical training on clarinet at age 11. In high school, he received the Louis Armstrong National Jazz Award and was one of the first graduates of the prestigious Idyllwild Arts Academy. He continued studies at the University of Southern California and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor's degree from California State University, Long Beach. Published research and academic presentations on the New Orleans clarinet style initiated his pursuit of a Masters degree in Musicology at Tulane University.

Christopher returned to New Orleans in 2001 through August of 2005 and focused on his role as an ambassador for the New Orleans clarinet style. Among the critically acclaimed recordings under his own name are Delta Bound featuring Dick Hyman (Arbor's Records 2007) and his Clarinet Road series (STR Digital). He has also been featured on projects with New Orleans artists including Big Al Carson, Duke Heitger, Narvin Kimball, Uncle Lionel Battiste, and Tom McDermott. After the Federal levees failed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he traveled continuously and even based himself briefly in Paris at the invitation of the French government. During this artist residency, he formed his current groups, the JazzTraditions PROJECT and Django à la Créole. The latter, fusing Gypsy Swing with New Orleans grooves and rhythms of “le monde Créole” released their debut CD, Django à la Créole (Fremeaux & Associates) at the 2008 French Quarter Festival in New Orleans.
Having returned to New Orleans in 2008, he frequently performs as a member of Irvin Mayfield's New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and teaches part-time at the University of New Orleans where he coaches their New Orleans Music Ensemble

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