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The Bone Thumpers

The BoneThumpers are fairly new to the music scene in Riverside County.  The members of the ‘Thumpers have all been playing music for over 35 years each, but finally all came together in October of 2012. 

Robin Adler

When that happened, blues ‘magic’ occurred.  The BoneThumpers are heavily influenced by Texas blues, but are equally adept at the Delta, Chicago, Roadhouse and Piedmont styles of blues.  The BoneThumpers pay tribute to the old masters of the blues by staying true to the sound and spirit of the songs while putting their own stamp on the music or “Thumping it” as their fans say.  One fan succinctly put it saying “Those old guys aren’t around anymore. You guys are carrying the flame for them!”
The BoneThumpers are Richard Espinoza on drums, Ernie Orta on guitar, Bad Jim on vocals, Glenn Woods on bass and Gary Shepherd on harmonica.  The BoneThumpers are a throwback to a bygone era.  It is easy to imagine going back in time and entering a Chicago speakeasy or Texas roadhouse and find the BoneThumpers there doing what they do best. Living and playing the blues!



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